Virtuous cycle

Counting my blessings

Minivan was broke.

Traded in minivan for Chevy Volt. Got $1,500 cash back from state of California. Saving money on gas, in a safer, quiter, car that’s fun to drive with a low lease payment.

Relized I could do Uber now ’cause car is new and should quailify. Earned enough money with Uber to justify buying used 2012 Prius. 

Sold 2001 Prius to Tia.

Earned enough with 2012 Prius to justify getting 2012 Plug-in Prius as long as I rent out my other 2012 Prius on

Debts are going down. Credit score is going up. Salaries are going up. Learned i can track my cedit score for free with NerdWallet app. 

Next, getting a Plug-in Hybrid minivan with blind spot detectors and colision avoidance which qualifies for Uber XL, and Lyft Plus.

Will list 2012 Plug-in Prius on Turo and/or HyreCar. 

Next, do we buy second house to rent out on Airbnb, or increase fleet of vehicles or both?

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